Congratulations Spark Participants

Oregon’s Quality Recognition and Improvement System

Congratulations on your participation in Spark, Oregon’s Quality Recognition and Improvement System. This decision reflects your professionalism and dedication to continuous improvement. We applaud your efforts and encourage your continued participation in Spark. 

Good luck as you continue on your exciting Spark journey!

Get your $1,000 of Support Funds before they are gone!

Programs that are in Spark can apply to receive $1,000 (*or more for larger, center-based programs) to help pay for quality improvements. Instructions were included in the Spark Welcome Kit and funds can be requested either before or after receiving a Spark rating. If you have not requested them yet, here’s how to do it:

Click on the “Apply Today” button to access the TRI Payment Forms portal and: 

  1. Download, complete and submit the Spark Request for Support form (to tell us how you would spend the funds)
  2. Download, complete and submit the WOU Substitute W-9 (so we know where to mail the check)

Follow the instructions on the page on how to complete and submit the forms or call us if you need help.

Head Start programs and some other publicly funded programs are not eligible for Support Funds and programs are only eligible to receive them one time. If you’re not sure if you’ve already received these funds or if your program qualifies, call or email us or just apply and we’ll check for you. 

Funds are limited, so apply today!

Apply Today

Now that you have received your Welcome Kit

Whats Next?

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Spark Program Update Report

The Spark Program Update Report (SPUR) is used to update information and/or request an extension or a reinstatement of a star rating. It will also collect information about continuous quality improvement efforts, and your commitment to maintain quality standards. Completing this report annually is required for programs to remain eligible for future opportunities through Spark, such as additional funding.

Go to the electronic version of the Spark Program Update Report.

Spark Program Observation

A program observation can be an insightful part of a program’s continuous quality improvement efforts. Continuous quality improvement includes inviting program feedback and reflecting on your program practices to better meet the needs of the children and families that you serve.


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Need More Resources?

Need more resources to help you save time, money, and improve quality?

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Current Participant Resources

A wide variety of supports are available to help you. Please take advantage of the resources you need to help you succeed.

To download a file, first click on a folder to see the contents.  Click the Download button to save the file to your computer. To download several files at once, check the boxes next to the download button and click “Download Selected Files.” A zip file will be created.

Spark Helpline – 877-768-8290 or

Spark Program Update ReportInforme de Actualización del ProgramaПромежуточный отчет детского учреждения, участвующего в программе – Complete a Spark Program Update Report (SPUR) to ensure your information is up to date and to share more information about continued participation in Spark.

QRIS Resources Website – This easy to use web-based platform offers a wealth of tools, programs, and services to help early childhood professionals manage their programs.

CCR&R Regional Map – Find your local Child Care Resources & Referral agency.

Early Learning Division Office of Child Care

Oregon Center for Career Development/Oregon Registry Online (ORO) – OCCD promotes professional development to achieve high quality care and education for children, and creates and supports training and education.

Department of Human Services (DHS) – Information for Child Care Providers.

Inclusive Partners –  Inclusive Partners promotes inclusive child care practices that help all children succeed. We provide technical assistance, training and support to child care providers so families of children with higher needs can play, work, and learn together.