Empowering Early Educators to Inspire Children

What is Spark?

Spark is Oregon’s Quality Recognition and Improvement System (QRIS). It is a voluntary program designed to support and recognize high quality early childhood care and education programs. In early learning and educational settings, high quality includes some of the following features and benefits:

Attached, supportive relationships with a qualified caregiver/teacher

Environments which are stimulating and appropriate for each child

Experiences and activities that support all aspects of a child’s development

Strong partnerships between families and early educators

How Can Spark Help You?

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Spark Rated Programs

Continuous Quality Improvement is the foundation of Spark. Programs have completed a rigorous process to ensure high quality early learning and education for children and families in Oregon.

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Why Spark Matters

The first years of life are the most critical for the development of a child’s brain. These early experiences create the foundation for healthy physical, emotional and cognitive development for the rest of a child’s life. Click here to see a graph of early brain development.

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Who Does Spark Support?


  • By understanding the importance of the early years on a child’s growth

  • By supporting and promoting high quality learning environments in their early care and education settings

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  • By helping families to recognize and find high quality early learning programs that meet their children’s needs

  • By understanding that high quality programs can be found in a wide variety of settings

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  • By providing a framework of quality practices that can be used to assess and improve program quality

  • By offering resources, tools, and incentives for professional development

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See What Others Say About Spark

I learned that we can take care of children, or we can take care of children professionally. Doing just that makes a big difference in their lives. 

Ermila Alegria, Early Educator

Getting together with other providers has been really important. Providers have come together rather than be in competition with each other.  

Carolyn Hindman, Early Educator

My relationship with the parents and children of the families I serve has greatly changed. Today we work together for the good of the child.  

Aida Collart, Early Educator

I have developed great friendships with other providers who are doing this too. The networks and the kinships have re-energized me.  

Julie Lutter, Early Educator

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