Spark is Being Redesigned

Spark, Oregon’s Quality Recognition and Improvement System for early childhood care and education programs, is being redesigned! Our goal for the redesigned Spark is to create a system that is inclusive of Oregon’s diverse families, child care providers, and early learning programs. This will support adults caring for young children to continuously improve their practices and assist families in finding child care and early education programs that are the best fit for their child.

Changes are Coming to Spark!

Spark is undergoing some changes as it is being redesigned by Oregon’s early educators and families. Find out more about the Spark redesign here.

Portfolio Project Updates

As of October 1st, 2023

•To submit a portfolio and receive a star rating, programs must be listed with ERDC to serve families receiving ERDC childcare subsidy. Find out more about becoming ERDC listed here.

•There will be self-selected quality improvement options for programs that do not wish to complete a portfolio. These options will not lead to a star-rating.

What’s Available ERDC Listed Not ERDC Listed
Spark Application and Commitment to Quality

Support Funds for Quality Improvements

($1,000 – $2,000 depending on program licensed capacity)

Portfolio Submission or Resubmission to Receive a Star-rating

*NEW* Self-selected Quality Improvement Options
(starting 10/1/2023)

Star-rating Incentive Funds

($500-$3,000 depending on program licensed capacity & star level achieved)

Spark-rated ERDC Monthly Incentive Payment

($54, $72, or $90 for each full-time child depending on star level)

Rating Renewal

Why are these changes being made?

•Empowers programs to choose how they want to improve or enhance their programs each year.

•Keeps an option available to ERDC listed programs to earn a monthly Spark-rated ERDC incentive payment.

•Allows TRI to focus more effort on redesigning Spark.

Now that you have received your Welcome Kit

Whats Next?


Spark Program Update Report

The Spark Program Update Report (SPUR) is used to update information and/or request an extension or a reinstatement of a star rating. It will also collect information about continuous quality improvement efforts, and your commitment to maintain quality standards. Completing this report annually is required for programs to remain eligible for future opportunities through Spark, such as additional funding.

Go to the electronic version of the Spark Program Update Report.

Spark Program Observation

A program observation can be an insightful part of a program’s continuous quality improvement efforts. Continuous quality improvement includes inviting program feedback and reflecting on your program practices to better meet the needs of the children and families that you serve.


Need More Resources?

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