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Spark is Being Redesigned

Spark, Oregon’s Quality Recognition and Improvement System for early childhood care and education programs, is being redesigned! Our goal for the redesigned Spark is to create a system that is inclusive of Oregon’s diverse families, child care providers, and early learning programs. This will support adults caring for young children to continuously improve their practices and assist families in finding child care and early education programs that are the best fit for their child.

The redesign Spark system will be:

Responsive to:

  • Diverse cultures, beliefs, languages, abilities, needs, and goals 
  • New research and practices
  • Family, program, and state goals

Supportive of:

  • Positive outcomes for children, families, early learning and care workforce, and early learning and care programs
  • Empowering Spark participants to select goals that are meaningful to them and connecting them to relevant resources to achieve their goals

Connected to:

  • Raise Up Oregon: A Statewide Early Learning System Plan
  • Oregon’s Early Learning System and current initiatives
  • Equitable and effective standards and practices
  • Available resources and supports

Spark Redesign Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

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